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For many people, addiction develops over time. By the time you notice addiction’s destructive effects, the ability to control substance-using behaviors is gone. Once control is lost, some form of professional help may be needed to overcome the effects of addiction. We can offer this help at our New Braunfels, Texas drug rehab center.


Insights Behavioral addiction treatment facility is here to help individuals and families confront addiction and eliminate it from their lives. Our New Braunfels, Texas substance abuse treatment facility works with people from all walks of life who want to break free from the control of drugs and alcohol.


Our addiction recovery program can help you take steps towards living a healthy, happy life.


The Rehabilitation Process

The effects of substance abuse accumulate over time, affecting the body and mind in harmful ways. What may start out as a “harmless” way to relax and have fun can soon turn into an out of control problem that wreaks havoc on your physical health and emotional well-being. Once addiction takes hold, both the mind and the body can become dependent on drugs and alcohol.


The rehabilitation process entails breaking the client’s dependence on drugs and alcohol. This starts with supervised detox.


Addiction recovery has to do with confronting addiction-based thinking and behavior. Insights Behavioral drug rehab facility uses a treatment approach that’s designed to address your specific treatment needs at each stage of recovery.


Supervised Detox vs. Detoxing on Your Own

While it may be possible to stop using drugs and alcohol on your own, the effects of months or years of substance abuse makes it near impossible to follow through. Between the withdrawal symptoms and the emotional turmoil that develops, the urge to resume drug use can become overwhelming. If you’ve tried to stop or even cut back in the past and failed, you may be able to benefit from the supervised detox approach.


Insights Behavioral has a drug detox clinic that offers a safe, caring environment and a range of treatment supports to get you through the detox stage.


Co-occurring Mental Health Considerations

Addiction and mental health problems tend to go hand-in-hand. About half of our clients are struggling with both a co-occurring mental health disorder and an addiction.


For this reasons, Insights Behavioral addiction treatment center offers dual diagnosis mental health treatment for those clients who can benefit. This type of treatment is tailored to help those who deal with both a co-occurring disorder and an addiction.


A Treatment Approach That is Catered to Your Needs

There’s no single way to treat addiction. Each person brings their unique experiences and personal issues to the recovery process.


Our New Braunfels, Texas addiction recovery program places a heavy emphasis on personalized treatment planning to ensure the services you receive address the types of issues and challenges you face in recovery. We encourage you to speak honestly about how addiction has impacted your life so we can design a treatment plan that’s catered to your specific needs and circumstances.


Insights Behavioral addiction recovery facility makes every effort to meet you where you’re at in the recovery process.