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Finally defeating addiction: how a structured program can help

Many of those suffering from addiction have tried to beat it in the past and failed. While self-motivation is important for defeating addiction, it might not be enough on its own. Fortunately, structured programs at Insight Behavioral Health and our Bethel Park, Pennsylvania addiction treatment facility provide a better chance of attaining sobriety. Here are a few of the reasons why you should start a structured addiction recovery program at an alcohol or drug rehab facility.


Effective detox

When trying to fight an addiction, many people fail at the detox stage. Many try to go it alone, and feelings of isolation and loneliness can cause problems. Detoxing is difficult, and doing it without supervision can lead to potentially dangerous mental and physical symptoms. At our Bethel Park, Pennsylvania substance abuse treatment facility, clients receive monitoring to help look for signs of problems so they can be dealt with in a timely manner. Regular contact with experts can give you the confidence you need to finally succeed.


A supportive environment

Those suffering from addiction often have trouble finding the support they need to move on from addiction. Many people lose friendships through addiction, and some are surrounded by people who enable their addiction. By enrolling in a structured program, you can be assured of a positive, helpful environment to help you make it through the difficult early stages. This support comes from individual therapists, who listen to clients without judgment. It also comes from support groups, which provide those recovering with inspirational stories of others who have overcome similar problems.


Uncovering other problems

Effective treatment at an addiction recovery center requires addressing other problems contributing to the addiction. While addiction is a disease, it’s also often exacerbated by other issues. When trying to get sober alone, it’s easy to miss how these problems make addiction more difficult to defeat. At an addiction treatment center, you’ll begin the process of addressing these issues and working toward resolving them. Ongoing therapy once your time at the addiction recovery facility ends will help you make further strides, helping you avoid issues that contributed to you addiction.


Making helpful contacts

Group therapy can seem intimidating at first. However, finding support from others enrolled at an alcohol and drug detox clinic who understand your struggles can be invaluable. While trying to fight addiction alone can feel isolating, the structured environment connects you with others who support your progress and share your difficulties. After you leave therapy, these people will serve as ongoing guides, helping you build on the progress you’ve made and continue in your quest to stay sober for life.


Effective planning

Sobriety is an issue that’s best handled one day at a time. However, you’ll still want to plan for the future and do what you can in the present to prepare as well as possible. When struggling with the early stages of withdrawal and sober life, it’s easy to get caught by surprise by unanticipated events. Entering a structured program will provide you with help dealing with these events, ensuring you’re better able to cope with them. Furthermore, members of your support group can provide advice and support when you need it. The addiction recovery process is a long one, and help dealing with the unexpected is essential for maintaining a healthy and sober lifestyle.


Once stuck in addiction, it’s hard to get sober and stay that way. While some people are able to handle addiction without the help of Insight Behavioral Health drug rehab centers, many people need a structured environment to make progress. Those who enroll are given a range of tools that can help in the long-term battle, including support, techniques for dealing with temptation, and therapy for dealing with both addiction and other issues.