St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg, Florida Addiction Recovery Facility

Addiction recovery centers are facilities where one who is struggling with substance abuse can go for treatment. A client is able to get undivided attention as they attempt to turn a new leaf. Every person who joins a rehab hopes to gain freedom from their addiction. Our drug rehab facility in St. Petersburg, Florida is an excellent example of what a suitable alcohol and drug rehab center should be like.


At our St. Petersburg addiction treatment center, we understand that there isn’t a specified addition treatment plan that will work for everyone. As a result, we have done our best to ensure that our substance abuse treatment facility offers numerous flexible and comprehensive treatment programs that will incorporate all the needs of our clients. Insight Behavioral Health encourages our customers to opt for an addiction recovery program that will fit their situation and requirements. Our team will always empower them to own the recovery process. This way, sobriety becomes a customer’s personalized experience that is manageable, effective, and sustainable.


What sets Insight Behavioral Health apart from others?

The first and most essential aspect is the environment we offer all our clients. The clean and organized surroundings are there to ensure our visitors get to enjoy a serene environment that is conducive to the healing process. We believe that a suitable atmosphere has the power for a positive impact on the mental and physical stability of an individual. Our customers get the opening to enjoy the quiet and calm atmosphere while going through recovery. Only this kind of environment is suitable enough to help clients get the answers on how they want to leave their lives.


Our services are highly effective, we have the most experienced psychologists and substance abuse therapists to help you recover from physical, mental, and emotional disorders. Our knowledgeable and experienced therapists customize the cure and give the much-needed treatment that will help clients who are struggling with psychiatric and psychological disorders. We couple these with proper care that involves conducting regular assessments of the customer’s dependence levels as well as how they are responding to treatment.


The care and responsibility offered at our St. Petersburg addiction treatment facility are essential and will help each and every client we admit. For instance, we help our clients learn to accept help from other people because recovery is much more likely when they get the affection and care from others. Our rehabs are quiet and peaceful, and we always maintain that by not exceeding the capacity of the addiction treatment center.


Programs at the Addiction Recovery Center

Even though we offer fully customized treatment, standardized treatment, there are common rehab programs we use:


30-day programs

These programs give our clients adequate time to get through a detox process at our St. Petersburg drug detox clinic. They also get to learn about their addiction and attend counseling sessions. This kind of program is cheaper and will most likely be covered by an insurance company.


60-day programs

This is a program that will offer more time so that the client can work on overcoming their addiction. They also get to establish a support network that is helpful with recovery.


90-day programs

These programs will suit a client whose addiction is more severe. The program is associated with high rates of success.


Our treatment basics

All the programs at our addiction recovery facility in St. Petersburg, Florida begins with an evaluation of the client’s condition. A professional will assess the situation and design a plan that will suit your needs. A detox is done before you can begin a behavioral and psychotherapy treatment. We also offer aftercare services since we know how challenging this journey can be.


Additionally, we offer dual diagnosis screening for those with a coexisting disorder. With the root cause of your addiction uncovered, you will be able to begin the process of healing.